Our Products

We're a local business, so we love to use products made locally here in Fort Collins. Only producers of the highest quality ingredients make the cut! The Cart is proud to serve local products like Café Richesse Coffee, Consuelo's Burritos, Walrus Ice Cream, Copoco's Honey, Morning Fresh Milk and The Republic of Tea. We also believe you'll enjoy quality products like DaVinci Gourmet Syrups in our drinks.

Café Richesse is a full-service specialty coffee roaster based in Fort Collins, Colorado. For over 20 years the family-owned business has produced “Socially Conscious Coffee™.” We proudly serve Café Richesse espresso, decaf espresso, and house-coffee.

We also sell personal size bags of both ground and whole-bean coffee varieties, including:

Kim’s Blend (A blend of Brazil, Sumatra and Costa Rican beans) - A dark roast blend sold exclusively at our shop. This blend is named after Kim Dittmar, the owner of The Cart. This is a truly “global” coffee, harmonizing sturdy body with low acidity, aromatic flavor and spicy, chocolatey notes. Rounded, satisfying finish.

French Roast - The “signature” beans, grown on the farms in Brazil using environmentally friendly, low-impact farming methods. Roasted daily in Fort Collins. The Cart - Cafe Richesse Coffee The flavor profile is medium-bodied, with pleasing up-front brightness, smooth finish and caramel notes.

Espresso - A darker version of single-origin Brazilian beans to bring out the richer, deeper taste needed to stand up to milk. The caramel and chocolate notes are more pronounced. Excellent finish with no bitterness, due to expert roasting.

Choice City - Named in honor of Fort Collins, this lighter roast is a breakfast-time favorite that tastes great any time of day. A milder flavor with plenty of sparkle.

Consuelo’s Burritos is a local Mexican restaurant that makes a variety of six different breakfast burritos for us daily.

All breakfast burritos are made with mild, medium or hot green chili.

Available every day while they last!

Walrus Ice Cream is a local favorite here in Fort Collins, and we're proud to be serving their ice cream at The Cart. We'll always have eight different flavors to choose from.

You can get three different scoop sizes: mini (for the kids), single and double in a classic sugar cone, cup or you can get waffle cone for extra.
The Cart - Walrus Ice Cream
We also have whipped cream, caramel or chocolate sauce for toppings.

Also, feel free to get any flavor in our take-home pints too.

Copoco’s Honey is now available at The Cart.

Copoco’s has been supporting local beekeepers and honey lovers for almost a decade. We have several sizes, varieties, and flavors on hand.

Copoco’s Honey is a wonderful addition to our list of local products available for sale!

Morning Fresh Dairy Farm has been family-owned and operated since 1894. This Fort Collins staple prides itself on producing some of the highest quality, all natural milks around. Morning Fresh milks contain no artificial hormones, no pesticides, no preservatives and no rGBH. The local farm owns their own herd of cows and grows the alfalfa and grain for the cows themselves to ensure the highest quality product. Here at The Cart, we serve Morning Fresh Whole, 2% and Skim milks as well as fresh cream and half and half.

DaVinci Gourmet syrups, for over a decade, has been producing the quality sryups and sauces we use in our flavored drinks.

Here at The Cart, we also sell individual bottles of DaVinci syrup for you to take home and enjoy!

The Cart - Republic of Tea The Republic of Tea, for over a decade, has been served at Espresso di Cincotta. Come on in and try from an assortment of green, black and herbal teas.

Here at The Cart, we also sell individual tins of The Republic of Tea for you to take home and enjoy!